For anyone with any sensitivity in their hearts and minds, we have been going though some very difficult times for a number of years, and it is very easy to “doom-scroll” and feel very negative about the potential for human kind.

That is what inspired Claire’s Corner: creating a “window” which shines a light on people and organisations doing a lot of quiet good in this world. Some of the charities we feature will be religious in nature; others not. But the point of this vignette is to remind people that there are really trying to bring positive change, and offering some degree of healing and relief, to those in need.

So to all the readers/ listeners, if you know of/are supporting one of these charities, please, let me know, OK?!? I’m just one gal, but having our readership/listenership helping me identify good causes, and good people involved, that would be a real blessing!

Thanks, Claire Rivero

Episode 1 - Ageism

Episode 2 - Lockdowns

Episode 3 - Wellness

Episode 4 - UMCOR

Episode 5 - Heroic Gardens

If you are aware of any small charities that could use some attention send us an email at